Dawn Wing, as a leading South African express logistics company, provide access to a comprehensive international infrastructure with a DPD powered international product, servicing over 180 countries throughout the world.

We offer a comprehensive suite of express international courier services and delivery solutions including international documents, non-documents, airfreight and import express.

Our International Courier Services

international courier services - Documents Express International Non-Document Express
This service is designed for sending items
that require a proforma or commercial
invoice and other related paperwork.
This service should be used for shipments
weighing 31.5kg or less.
International Courier Services  - Documents Express International Document Express
A service is designed for sending important
items anywhere in the world, which weigh
less than 5kg.
dw-cta-large-int-air-freight International Airfreight
This service is designed to facilitate the
door to terminal delivery of a declarable
outbound shipment internationally &
should be used for all shipments weighing
31.5kg and above.
International Courier Services  - Import Express Import Express
The Import Express service is designed
to allow the door-to-door delivery of
declarable and non-declarable inbound
shipments from other international origins.

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