Important Insurance Information

Please read carefully

This contains disclosures and other legal requirements, some of which will appear here, and the rest in more detail elsewhere as indicated.  This notice does not form part of your insurance contract.

About your Financial Services Provider
Your Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 32009) is DAWN WING,  A DIVISION OF DPD LASER EXPRESS LOGISTICS (PTY) LTD.
(Registration number : 2006/033353/07).DAWN WING’S contact details are:
PO BOX 1252, ISANDO, 1600
Tel: 011 961 4800
Fax: 011 392 6638
Website: WING is authorised in terms of its licence to provide financial services on Personal Lines and Commercial Lines. A copy of the licence is available by clicking on the following link:-
Dawn Wing FSP Licence
If you have a complaint regarding the service or a dispute regarding a claim, please submit your complaint in writing to:
Mrs. Nerine van Dyk
011 961-4800
Direct: 011 961 4789
Fax: 011 961 4708
  • DAWN WING has a contractual relationship with Hollard and is authorised by Hollard to (sell, market, administer/settle claims).
  • DAWN WING earns 20% commission and 10% administration fee in respect of premiums under this policy.
  • DAWN WING has appropriate fidelity insurance and a guarantee as required by Section 45 of the Short Term Insurance Act, but does not currently have professional indemnity insurance.
The Compliance Officer for DAWN WING is MR. PETER CRAMER and can be contacted at:
Tel: 021 659 4000
Fax: 021 659 4090
About the Service
This is a Transit All Risks Insurance policy.
For the complete nature and extent of benefits – PLEASE REFER TO THE POLICY DOCUMENT.
For your monetary obligations, premium payment obligations, manner and frequency thereof, and the consequences of non-payment of premium – PLEASE REFER TO THE POLICY DOCUMENT.
Details regarding brokerages, remuneration, commission, fees and incentives paid to the FSP and who pays it – PLEASE REFER TO THE POLICY DOCUMENT.
Details of special conditions, exclusions, excesses or restrictions – PLEASE REFER TO THE POLICY DOCUMENT.
For a detailed claim procedure – PLEASE REFER TO THE BELOW
For an insurance claim to be processed the following information must be submitted in writing to the nearest Dawn Wing office for the attention of the Regional Manager:

  1. Copy of the original Dawn Wing airwaybill.
  2. A formal letter on a company letterhead with description of the damages/loss incurred with circumstances, if available.
  3. An original invoice for the replacement cost – NOTE: Manufacturing cost is required not Retail cost)
About the Insurer (Product Supplier)
This policy is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, also known as Hollard.  Hollard’s contact details are:Hollard Villa Arcadia, 22 Oxford Road (entrance Federation Road), Parktown 2193
PO Box 87419, Houghton, 2041
Telephone number:  (011) 351 5000
If you have any queries or complaints about this product, please contact:Mary Harty – Hollard Risk Capital – 011-351-1086
If you feel that this product does not meet legal requirements, or if you are not happy with the manner in which this product was sold to you, please contact:The Compliance Officer – Hollard
(Tel) (011) 351 2103
(Fax)  (011) 351 8035
Matters of Importance
  1. If you have a complaint about this policy, first try and resolve it with the Financial Service Provider stated above.
  2. If the matter cannot be resolved, please then submit a complaint in writing to the insurer’s Compliance Officer above.
  3. If you have a dispute regarding a claim that is not resolved to your satisfaction by the FSP or the insurer, you may submit the complaint to the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, contact details below.
  4. You are entitled to a period of 15 days from the due date within which to pay your premium.  However, this period of grace only applies from the second month on monthly policies.  Please check your policy to see when your due date is.
  5. If you do not pay your premium on time, your policy will be automatically cancelled without notice.  It is your responsibility to make sure your premium has been paid on time.
  6. All material facts must be accurately, fully and properly disclosed by you. All information provided by you or on your behalf is your own responsibility.  You need to be satisfied with the accuracy of any transaction submitted by your Financial Services Provider on your behalf.
  7. Misrepresentation, incorrect or non-disclosure by you of any material facts or circumstances may impact negatively on any claims arising from your insurance contract.
  8. You are entitled to a full copy of the policy.  It is a legal contract and you have a joint responsibility to ensure that you have received the full contract.  If you have not received a copy within 30 days, please contact your FSP without delay.  The policy wording and the Insurance Certificate/Schedule must be read as one document.
  9. Do not sign any incomplete or blank documents.  No FSP may request or insist that you do so.
Particulars of The Short-term Insurance Ombudsman who is available to advise you in the event of claim problems which are not satisfactorily resolved by your Financial Services Provider and/or the insurer:
The Short-term Insurance Ombudsman
PO Box 35655
Tel: (011) 726 8900
Fax: (011) 726 5501

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