Additional services

Dawn Wing also offers a comprehensive suite of additional courier services to compliment the express services.  These include the options for dawn deliveries, Saturday deliveries, Sunday and public holiday deliveries, tender, embassy, regional / remote deliveries and many more.  Please note that these services incur an additional surcharge.

For more information or to obtain a formal quote for your requirements, please call 0861 223 224 or click here for one of our skilled consultants to call you back.

Additional Courier Services 

Dawn Delivery - additional courier services Dawn Delivery
An additional service that can be used
for deliveries that have a specific deadline
time before 9h30 on a business day.
Saturday AM Service - additional courier services Saturday AM Service
This Saturday morning service can be used
for all collections and deliveries between
08h00 and 13h00 on a Saturday in major
centres or in-city areas only.
Saturday PM, Sunday, Public Holiday Service - additional services Saturday PM Service, Sundays &
Public Holiday Service

Collections and deliveries of shipments
can be arranged for after 13h00 on
Saturday afternoon, all day on Sunday
and all day on Public Holidays.
Embassy / Consulate - additional courier services Embassy / Consulate Service
Collections and deliveries to and from
embassies or consulates.
Township / Remote Area - additional courier services Township Service / Remote
Area Service
Township services and remote area
services are collections and / or deliveries
within a township or an extremely rural
region are offered by Dawn Wing.
Tender Service Tender Service
Our tender service is an an
additional service to facilitate
the delivery / collection of your
tender submissions.

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